WD Drive Not Showing up in Windows (Already initialized and used this drive)

I recently purchased a 8TB WD Red Pro drive to use as a storage/backup for my family pictures and videos. I setup the drive couple of days back and now it is asking me to reinitialize the drive again :frowning:

Couple of days back

I had the drive initialized in GPT type and NTFS format in Windows 7 OS
Backed up ~1.7 TB of data
While transferring pictures from external CF card to the new 8TB drive, suddenly the drive disappeared from windows explorer!
Going into Disk Management under Windows, the drive shows up as un-initialized and unallocated!
Right-click to create a “New Simple Volume” shows that the Maximum disk space is 7,630,756 MB while the Unallocated space is 7,451.91 GB. (See attached screenshot)
Does it mean if I create the Simple Volume, will my 1.7TB data that was backed up before will be intact?

My Questions

  1. How should I proceed further to make sure my data is not erased.
  2. Is this a Windows glitch or a HDD issue?
  3. Is it possible to see Windows logs to see what the issue was ?

Thanks in advance folks! Much appreciate your help!


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows

Hi Hamlet,
Just ran the diagnostic tool and it passed. Attaching the screenshot.
Any reason why the drive suddenly would vanish from explorer and needs re-initializing again?


Maybe a partition issue. It got corrupted somehow.


I’m having the same problem with a WD Green 6TB internal drive. Been using it for 1 year, and yesterday found my computer would not boot. It was the drive, placed for the same purpose…storage. I took it out and installed it in my other desktop, all running Win 7 sp1 64bit. The other computer would boot, however, and the results are the same as the previous posts by @lightseeker in this thread. It would be great if someone stepped in here and had a solution other than contacting a data recovery company to retrieve the files, but when windows says the drive is not formatted there are not many other options I know of. I’m looking at cloud backup as an addition to redundant physical drive backup for my files now.

Thanks to all who help make this forum work.

Hi Hamlet,
Thank you for the response. Do you think this is a Windows issue or a drive issue? Any way I can pull the logs to see what transpired?