WD Drive missing PCBA label?


I recently had a WD 4TB Red (WD40EFRX) fail in my NAS, it was still under warranty so I registered it and returned it via the RMA process. When WD eventually received it, they advised me that it wasn’t covered under warranty because the PCBA label missing. I checked the sister drive which I still had and it didn’t have a PCBA label either. I quizzed WD support as to what conditions a drive might be sold without a PCBA label and they just replied asking for a proof of purchase. This doesn’t really help, obviously I purchased it or I wouldn’t have it.

I’ve asked doctor google the same question and come up nothing so I thought I’d start this thread. Does anyone know why a WD drive might be sold without a PCBA label? The drives I have were purchased from an ebay seller, I have no reason to suspect they are secondhand.Maybe they may have been harvested out of an external drive such as a My Cloud but surely this would have been flagged when I registered the drive?

Anyone got any ideas? Does anyone else have a WD drive sitting in front of them with no PCBA label?


I am exactly in the same boat with the same product. I only have a month left before the warranty expires, but I can’t even register the product to arrange an RMA!