WD drive manager x86 setup problem

Hi All,

Could anyone please help me figure this one out ?

I just upgraded from Vista x86 to Win 7 x86 (reformated the HD) and was using WD drive manager to manage the RAID mirror external drive 2 x 1Tb (My Book Studio Edition II)

My problem:

When I run the WD drive manager setup v2.115 to install it again, the installation freezes in the middle and iddles until it automatically exists (after 4-5 minutes) with a message saying that the installationg was not done

What I already tried without success

  • I re-booted PC
  • I tried to run it again while disabling the NOD32 antivirus during installation but it didn’t do anything

I also have a question : While I’m not running the WD drive manager, does it mean that the RAID is not working ? ie that when I copy/delete files, it does it only on one of the drives ?

Thank you in advance for your help



Did you ever work around this issue?