WD Drive manager v.2.115 and Windows 7, 64-bit


I have Mybook Mirror Edition 2TB (Raid1) with Windows 7, 64-bit and try to use the software WD Drive manager v.2.115 which is the latest update according to WD support homepage for Mybook Mirror Edition. The problem is when I click on the WD icon for WD Drive Manager software nothing happends. I have installed Adobe Flash Player 12 and the drivers seems working well with Windows plug and play drivers. Anyone who has Windows 7 64-bit and Mybook Mirror Edition who works with WD Drive Manager software? Any ideas?

Hi Perahl, the WD drive icon will only show up when the drive is connected to the PC. For more information check the following link. 

What is WD Drive Manager and how to use it


My “active” external hard drive “Mybook Mirror Edition” is attached to my computer (PC) but nothing happend when try to use the software and no WD icon popup.