WD Drive Manager on MAC OS X Sierra

I have a My Book Mirror Edition WD20000H2U and I can’t change the RAID level for my drive on my Mac. Has anyone been able to get the WD Drive Manager to install on MAC OS X Sierra (10.12)? Only the uninstaller shows up in the applications. How can these drives be tested for errors?

Hello Qboy61,

WD Drive manager is a end of life software, We have not tested using it with latest Mac Operating system.

You can try to use WD Drive utilities to setup RAID for your device:

You can also use WD Drive utilities to check for errors on your device.

WD Drive Utilities on both Windows and Mac do not see the My Book Mirror Edition drive. I might try up dating the firmware if I could but the universal firmware updater does not recognize the drive either. I would hope that there is some sort of a workaround to be able to configure/error check this drive.

Hello Qboy,

WD Drive utilities was developed for new devices due to which the software might not be able to see your device.