WD Drive manager (mac) /Snow leopard / studio edition 2

I have just received a new Mybook Studio 2and following the instructions I tried to install the wd drive manager to change it to raid 1.  It said it installed but the icon never appears on the menu bar and the application cannot be found on the hard drive. I have tried rebooting but still no joy. Tried it on a second machine also running Snow leopard 10.6.7  with the same result.

The mac does not see any drive attached when using disk utility but when opening system profiler it does see an unknown device on the firewire 800.

Do I have a dead hard drive? the lights are on and it is spinning but no connection!

If the drive is not recognized the Drive Manager app will not show. Try using an usb cable for first installation and see iftyour able to get the drive to be recognized , once that’s done the drive manager icon will show  on the top bar.