WD Drive Manager, LAN problems

I have been fighting a LAN delay issue for 6 weeks now.
I have very bad ping times to my router.

My router has been changed by my service provider, but still the same problem.
I have found the problem is connected to the “WD Drive manager”

When I turn off this service, the ping is fine to the router

What the problem is with this service ?
How to remove this, without uninstalling the software.


Hi and welcome,

Have you done any firmware updates recently? What is the model name if the device you are using? 

I have got updates from the software “WD drive utility”, but the problem is the same

The Device is WD Passport WDBBEP0010BBK-01

Running on Win 7, 64 bit

The problem is there, without the passport connected to the PC.
Then the 2 WD services are running on the PC, the LAN to Router has large delays (timeout in programs, and bad for online games) ping times up to 2000 ms
Turn off the services and all is fine.

I have to turn the services off every time I start the PC, but the service are active again, as soon as I start a WD program.

I think it is the “WD Driver Manager” there has some problem getting in contact to a service on the internet, but I dont understand the large ping times. There is no problems with ping to other PC on the LAN.

It is the same problem with 2 different brands of routers, and other cables, same problem.
Connect a PC without the WD software, no problems.

Have you seen this problem before ?

Hi Gyvelvej10, please check your private messages.