WD Drive Manager for WD Mybook RAID drives

I have purchased 2 WD Mybooks, 4TB RAID disks.  The drive design is impressive, with swappable capabilities and very convenient to use and maintain.  Good quiet design.  My Mac environment is much quieter now.

But I have a new set of frustration.  The software provided by WD is far from perfect, with lack of support, and the recommendation is to remove the software.  This has been going on for so long.  For a RAID system, we need the software to operate.  

The response from WD is to provide a good value proposition from marketing point of view, and then take away the value as we have to delete the software.  To service the Mac community, WD has to be serious.  This community is proud of its heritage.  Lacie systems have kept to this herritage.

I gave my support to WD having realized they have innovated well.  But, the simply denial to realize that a simple software on your system is so critical to the users or lack of this understanding is not acceptable.

I have the following problem and I want these issues fixed.

A. The WD Manager is issuing a console error every 1 or 2 minutes regarding pool allocation of resources.  This unnecessary consume CPU and is a waste.

B. The device name is “My Book Device” regardless of how many drives we have.  It cannot be renamed.

Please provide the support required so that consumers can use the product as intended.  To ask customer to uninstall is unacceptable.  We bought it as a bundle.  For RAID system, the control software is important.

Are you using the latest version of the WD Drive manager? I have a friend that was having the same issue, the console reporting errors, he updated to the latest version and this stop. It might help.