WD Drive Manager crashes

Hi all,

The WD Drive Manager (Smartware) crashes quite often after I boot my computer (Win XP). I get this error popup: WD Driver Manager Status has caused an error… tell Microsoft about this problem… Send rapport / Don’t send.

It looks to happen randomly and not only when the MBL is in stand-by but also when the green led is burning when I boot the PC.

Any solution?

Same here.  I use the hibernate function on my portable and WD Quick View. Seems to work well but it has issues when I use the standby function.  More of an inconvenience.

I had "black vipered’ my XP machine because it was an audio recording computer.  I know I had to turn some services back on to get everything working.  Just check your services, stuff like NLA or other network related services.  You can always re-disable if it doesn’t help.

And it keeps on crashing. Still no solution found :frowning:

Today I upgraded WD Smartware to the latest version (Windows release with WD Software Upgrader.
After rebooting, some kind of Microsoft diognostic / error pop-up showed up with options like send and don’t send (forgot to write it down, but I never seen this kind of pop-up before and it differs from this pop-up).

Then I wanted to re-install Smartware, but I can’t uninstall it completely. In my list of software, there were 2 programs: WD Smartware Drive Manager and WD Smartware.

I succesfully uninstalled the WD Smartware Drive Manager but I can’t uninstall WD Smartware. When I do that I get the following message: There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup dit not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

So, what’s the problem and how to uninstall it? Anyone?

maybe download the windows installer cleanup utility.  that should remove everything associated with an attempted download.

it was a microsoft product, but now they don’t recommend using it as it may damage other files :smileyvery-happy:.  So…I don’t know, maybe just delete the registry entries manually, including those that create the listing for smartware in your add/remove programs.  Clear out your temp folders.

Thanks for your reply. I manually removed all WD/SmartWare related folders and files, and all the related entries in the register. I think it did the job because now I reinstalled the latest version of SmartWare/WD Quick View succesfully from: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/wdsmartwareupdate/NAS.asp

Another question I have: before (as described in my previous post) there were two items in my software list: WD SmartWare and WD SmartWare Drive Manager. But now only WD SmartWare is in my list of software. Is this correct? What is the WD SmartWare Drive Manager exactly, why was it in my list of software after the previous installation, and why is it not on the list after this installation?

kind of a follow up question, i’ve been now getting the wd drive manager crashed error on my XP machine ever since the upgrade to 2.01.06.  I went ahead and installed the most recent smartware, but:

where do I update the drive manager software?  Is this pushed by the mbl?  or is it a dll on my pc?  I can’t find anywhere online to get the most recent “version”.