WD drive freezes windows

i added a 2 tb WD drive to a windows 64 bit system and now i have lots of strange problems. The windows system freezes unpredictably, sometimes the drive vanishes from Windows, the whole thing is a total disaster. When the drive is working the WD disagnostics show it  OK, it certainly passes the quick test.

I doubt i can take the drive back to the store for a replacement as the system freeze is intermittent and unpredictable. I am getting very frusterated. Has anyone got any suggestions?


could you disconnect other things on the computer ? just to confirm that the problem is with the drive and not the psu

Hard to do that, the WD drive is the 2nd drive so pretty much everything else on the PC is essential. The original PC PSU died and was replaced with an uprated model last year so shouldn’t be a problem. The freezes only started happening after I installed the WD drive so it’s top of the suspect list.