WD Drive Fails SMART on PC Doctor but Passes on Lifeguard

I have a WD 4TB Black drive installed on a Dell XPS 9100 running Windows 7. The drive is installed with an Asmedia SATA Controller card.

When I run the Dell Diagnostics (by PC Doctor), the drive fails on the Targeted Read Test and the SMART Short Self Test. The second test gives a message “Your drive indicates that a failure may be imminent.”

But, when I run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, the drive passes.

Should I be worried ?

The drive is still on warranty (it’t about a year old).



Keep an eye on the drive and do small and large read and writing tests. Also check for any physical grinding sounds or clicks.

If anything, feel free to contact WD support for assistance with a replacement.

Thanks !

In Data Lifeguard, there are two test options: Quick Test and Extended Test.

I don’t see an option for small and large read and writing tests. What program do I need to run these tests ?

What I meant by that is to manually transfer big files and large amount of small files in order to test the unit.
It should go about smoothly, without interruptions or errors.