WD Drive errors

I have problems with my WDC PC SN730 SDBPNTY-256G-1101 256,0 GB . As you can see here in the Picture from CrystalDiskInfo the ssd has 932 Std only but alrady has not 100% but only 96%. What can i do to fix it? This drive should have 5 Years warranty right?


So no replay i have also send mail an mdf@wdc.com but no replay as well. It looks like the 5 Years warranty is fake. So i will not buy Western Digital drives anymore and i will recomment all my friends the same…

The drive did only 932 hours instead of 43800 it looks like its only the 2,127% of what WD claims this are very bad results.

So sad

BTW the drive wrote only 6212GB so it is far beyond the 400 TBW (which means 400 Terwabyte written ) its only 6,2TB instead of 400TB