WD drive doesn't show backup on restore screen

My WD drive has been faithfully backing up the two partitions on my laptop without problems. The laptop got a disk corruption and I’ve had to wipe it and start from scratch - comforted in the knowledge that I can restore everything from my trusty hard drive backup.

I’ve restored Vista and applied all Windows updates, so the environment is as it was before the crash. I’ve installed the latest version of Smartware and firmware. When I come to restore my files from the WD drive, it doesn’t show me the backup on the restore screen - I can see the files on the drive - but Smartware refuses to let me restore all files to current location. It shows me other laptops that I’ve backed up, but not the one I want. This makes the drive pretty useless.

Does the computer name or user name need to be the same as when the backup was taken?

I think you need to use the same computer name. Remember that you restore your data manually, just look for the folder name smartware.swstor, here, you should be able to locate the backup folder with all your data, just copy and paste.

did you get the data off your drive after all?