WD Drive crashes finder on Macbook, works on windows

I’ve run into this… weird issue of sorts. The drive won’t mount at all on mac, but will on windows. However, if i go through NTFS and mount it on there on mac, it’ll mount but… it’ll crash finder completely. It DOES show up in disk utility.
I formatted it to FAT32 iirc, so i could use it both on Mac and Windows; but on Windows it works A-Okay whereas on Mac it just crashes everything.
I’ve tried a new wire.
I need the information on the drive and my windows memory is too low to hold the 25gb file i need, and my mac can’t take it for whatever reason which I can’t figure out. Is this a known issue? Is there anyway to fix this without erasing the drive? On windows it doesn’t let me compress the folder I need into a ZIP, but if i have to I’ll just copy/paste the folder on a paid cloud service. I just don’t want to fork out more money. Anyone know of a fix?

I’m not exactly sure which WD my passport i have, but it IS a portable 2tb one that I got from target… I know that doesn’t narrow it down much. My mac is a macbook air. 2017, 13-inch, 8gb memory and 128 gb storage… thanks to anyone who can help.


You can reformat the drive in exFAT to avoid FAT32 limitations. You could refer to the following link: FAT32 File System and Partition Size Limits for Windows & macOS