WD drive 2 TB

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 16.59.09.pngHello i have a problem, my brother had use  Wd DRive Utilities and had use Drive Erase.and npow my all files are gone, but the storrage memory is still same full, How i can see my Files again?

You will need to use a data recovery software to get your files back since they were erase by the utility.

Wich one is better;mabe you know some?

in your case, you can use Recuva… is really good for deleted files

I had use Data rescue 3 ,but that havent solve my problem!  It had found only 10 gd of not opening staf! Mabe you have onother solution fot getting back how was before  my brother press Drive Erase_???

But my files arwe not deleted;they are still on hard drive, i just cant uze them or see them! It must be onother solution if they disspered in 1 second