WD DL4100 to QNAP 871 file copy / back-up


I just bought TVS-871-i7-16GB NAS Today. and I have some files(22 TB) on my WD brand NAS(DL4100) already that i want to copy to my QNAP NAS.

so the problem is no matter what i do i can’t manage to copy anything either way.(i can use/access/copy both via Windows with no problem)

the things i did so far:
1-enable sshd on both NAS
2-enable rsync on TVS-871
3- set password for sshd ,rsync ,RTRR
4-checked all the ports on both device to be the same port numbers
5-input their IP address manually (note that both NAS are on same network and connected to same router)

More specifically for WD to QNAP file copy ,I did the following :
Back-up section > Remote back-up > Create Job >
Job name : something >
Remote Server : NAS server >
Remote IP Address : My QNAP IP:port >
Password : my QNAP password or rsync password or RTRR password(none of them works in the end) >
SSH User Name : sshd >
SSH Password : WD sshd pass or qnap rsync pass or qnap RTRR pass(i tried them all) >
Source Folder : WD DL4100 folder (ok) >
Destination Folder : i am just getting these error messages :
“Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a SSH failure.”
“Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test”.
Backup Type : Copy

from QNAP to WD: QNAP NAS finds the WD NAS but cant see or find any of WDDL4100 folders

from WD to QNAP: again WD find the QNAP nas but it gives me “backup password error”

so what else should i do , or what i didn’t do??

my computer knowledge is limited and average at best so please explain to me rather simply, i can’t do any advanced
coding or programming at all.

using widows copy is last resort, i much rather to do this via direct NAS to NAS backup to be faster and more efficient

thanks in advance

even if you get the wd backup to work it buries the data down in a folder structure that you did not ask for (I think)
If you cant copy from the qnap, you can prob just use windows by the time you figure something out

the problem is solved

hare folder FTP and NFS access was off so after i enabled it now i can copy and back up