WD DIsk Manager Interfering with USB drives

I have been trying to open an Acronis backup file which used to be easy. However, WD (I think it’s the Drive Manager) seems to be intercepting and taking over my access and I can’t open the file .I am using an Elements external drive which I bought purely to be able to install Acronis WD Edition which turned out to be a waste of time and money. I have disabled all WD services and I am now copying the backup to a Seagate drive. I hope to be able to open the backup file just like I did in the old days provided I ensure that WD services are disabled and I do not use the Elements drive. This is the last straw for me. I will keep using the WDMHC purely for Plex as it’s too late to return it now. The rest of the software is coming off my PC. This whole thing has been quite breathtaking! I almost feel as though it has all been a big wind-up by a disgruntled WD employee!!

Try asking in a more relevant forum:

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