WD Discovery

I have a new wd drive, world edition ii. When I install software from CD, everything proceeds according to user manual, until I press the WD Discovery tool button. It seems something is installed, but things stops up from there. I can later find a WD discovery icon on my computer desktop, but double-clicking it,shows a frame for a fraction of a second (it might be the startup menu for the tool as indicated in the manual), but it disappears.

I wonder if it can be something with my trend virus control setting? or windows xp firewall setting? or even browser setting? (though I don’t think this application use the browser, but a win gui?) Another thing sprung to mind; could it be something with the router configuration?

(Yes, I know I can do without this tool, but it trubles me, also I am afraid something is wrong that will influence on how this will work later)


Øystein Bjøndal Lund

You dont need this discovery tool. The first days, it didn’t find my NAS :wink: Just look at your router what IP your NAS has gotten from the DHCP Server and connect to this IP.

Is the WD Discovery software required?  The drive is plugged into a router and you can map to it so I don’t know why I need the program.

Thanks, Theresa

It seems it is not required… But when you buy something, it is always nice when it is working…

I located the IP and entered in the browser. I was able to navigate and change the drive configuration; but still no drive is visible in windows explorer??