WD Discovery software spins floppy none stop

Hi All, Just got a new 4t passport. I’m having trouble with the latest WD passport software from the web site and the version that came on the 4t passport drive. When installed the software makes my floppy drive spin non stop until I uninstall the software. The older version that I have does not do this. But the older version will not recognize the new 4t drive. The old security version that works Old back up version that works 1.2.5721. But won’t recognize the 4t drive. Any ideas? Besides disconnecting my floppy drive? Thanks Kellyh

Floppy drive? You have to be kidding! If it is an add on with a cable, pull the cable or plug!

Something about the latest WD Discovery causes constant scanning of devices. I have a USB Card Reader and it has an activity light on it. The activity light is constantly going off, thanks to WD Discovery constantly scanning on it. I’ve posted in this forum already about this problem. I’m hoping a future update fixes it, but we’ll see. I also opened a ticket with WD support, but that didn’t go anywhere.

So, what do you have, a floppy drive or a micro SD, SDHC, SDXC Adapter that you are using?



How old is your computer? You may want to visit the Learning Center for more information.

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Lol, bud. I have a USB 3.0 Multi-Card Reader (MicroSD, SDXC, Compact Flash, Memory Stick Duo).

My computer is a couple years old, built it myself. Custom-built X99 machine with 8-core water-cooled Intel i7-6900k, 32 GB quad channel DDR4-3200 CAS14, Intel 900p NVMe PCI-Express SSD.

I used Process Monitor from SysInternals to confirm that the WDDriveService.exe is constantly scanning my USB Card Reader.

Any more questions, hotshot?

@bman3 If you are talking to me in your last post, yes, another question. Is your Passport wireless, if yes, see if this will help. This is a link to the User Manual, see Chapter Seven. Just trying to help you.


kellyh, the original poster, has a floppy drive that is constantly scanning.

Then, I posted saying I had a similar problem with my SD Card reader that is constantly scanning.

I’m not sure who you were replying to, but you replied asking if we had a floppy reader, or an SD reader, and then sent some definitions about each one.

Some people need to read the board rules about treatment of others.

Yes I have a internal floppy drive. If you must know-I have several games and other programs on floppy disks that can not be gotten any other way. It really is irrelevant that I have a floppy drive. What is relevant is that the new software makes the floppy drive spin none stop. What I have is fast enough no need to change it. No need to buy a new computer just for the sake of buying one.

Now back to what we are here for,
Thanks for your response bman3. I too put in a call ticket. We’ll see what happens. I was thinking the same thing. That it is looking for drives. Maybe they will fix it. My internal card reader is not being scanned though. Just the floppy. Do you know if there is a setting to stop the constant scanning? Also I am using Win7Pro. I know it is the newer software because the older software does not spin the drive. The tech support tried to tell me it was my computer. Then why doesn’t the older software spin the drive. Thanks kellyh

Also, It is not wireless it is usb.

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Ahh. So this problem’s been around for a while, huh? Just discovered my floppy going crazy with the WD Dashboard utility. I don’t think the drive was spinning all the time but Dashboard didn’t seem to know how to work a floppy drive. Mine is a 3 1/2" drive. I have a WD hard drive in the same computer and I wanted to check the status on it so downloaded the latest from WD.

First problem I had was the drive seeking over and over with no floppy in the drive. I think Dashboard was resetting the drive interface over and over which causes the drive to seek back and forth to the track 0 position. There was a small window in the lower right corner saying Dashboard was detecting devices.

After I put a floppy into the drive, the seeking stopped but the drive selection light stayed on constantly. I don’t think it was spinning but the drive stayed selected.