WD Discovery removal tool


You really really need to release a removal tool for WD Discovery, any file corruption or using system restore (W10) and the WD Discovery program fails with partial loading on reboot and if it’s updated to a later version it won’t allow re-installation/ uninstall.

  1. The online installer simply exits without message
  2. The offline installer complains a later version is installed
  3. Add/Remove programs fails
  4. There is no repair option

The only way to get rid of it is to manually delete folders and kill processes and hope for the best. I’m really not ranting I’ve already seen the complaints on the forum about how MCHome works and I think it’s a good idea for general end users but it’s uninstallation is messy to say the least.

Hi launton,

You may follow the steps provided in below article to remove WD Discovery from your computer:

Thank you I followed those instructions numerous times but as I said, in the event of using system restore in any capacity it breaks the uninstall. Not to worry, I restored the HD from an acronis backup and and took the drive out and used it for something else.