Wd Discovery MB World Edition

I recently had to RMA/replace my WD MBWE (white lights), once I got the unit back and installed it, the WD Dicovery tool does not recognize the drives any more. I was able to Map them and use them using Windows, but I cannot access the drive settings info using the Discovery tool (i.e. setting, firmware, Twonky etc). To clarify, I have been able to get the tool to see the drives twice over 5 days, after repeated attempts, it showed up after receiving the "cant find drives… message

I havent changed any firewall settings, (I am using using Symantec end point)

My router reset while waiting for the RMA, and i updated the firmware. I didnt change anything while setting up the router 

Any ideas on how to fix this? Router settings, network settings, anything?


Try entering http://mybookworld/ or the my book work IP number on the address bar.