WD Discovery keeps logging me out?

Hi folks , I own a WD Cloud Home and I’m very new to the world of NAS and Western Digital so I’m possibly just simply doing something wrong.
Every time I boot up my PC I also have to log back into WD Discovery which is slightly annoying.
Is there a way to stop this please?

I think they would call this a feature and not a bug! Same things happens to me on a Mac.

I’m over it. I’m backing my “MyCloud” drives up to a USB external drive and then shucking these stupid things. WD’s drives themselves are usually top rate. The software environment and support on the other hand is abysmal.

Raspberry Pi running NextCloud will replace it.

It’s only taken 3 days, so far, to back up the drives as I keep getting logged out of WD Discovery…

Lousy feature for how I use the product: as a Music Fileserver. For the last 1-2 years, I have never needed to re-login in on any device (phone, tablet, pc). Over the last month, I’ve logged in probably 500 times. Awful software update.