WD Discovery is not working on M1 / Apple Silicon MacBook Air

WD Discovery 4.3.327 now offers support for the Apple M1 ARM processor.

Please see the following article which describes how to install and enable this support on the Apple M1 ARM processor:

Install WD Discovery for My Cloud Home for Apple M1 ARM Processor


Trying to install on the M1 Mac Mini and the installer starts, but stops EVERYtime at unpacking (50%) whatever I try…

Just installed WD Discovery. Was beach balling a little, restarted again and managed to log in. It’s working! So far so good. Just hope it doesn’t slow the Mac down as the previous version slowed down the whole operating system with the beach ball coming up every few clicks.

Please ensure that a failed install is not already present. The following articles should assist in removing any current installed version prior to installation:

How to Uninstall and Remove WD Discovery on Windows and macOS


The next article details how to troubleshoot failing installs:

WD Discovery Fails to Install on macOS


If you continue to see issues, please open a case with our support team, so your issue can be further reviewed:


After thoroughly cleaning the the Mac Mini M1 (according to the given guidelines) and installing (according to the given guidelines) I managed to get it working! HAPPY !!
Thanks WD. It was a dark winter though.

My WD app is asking for my email and password and insisting that what I enter is incorrect. Clicking the “Forgot Password” link takes me to the home.mycloud.com where the password and email work fine. Am I missing something? Seems like the web based portal and the Mac app should be the same password, right? How can I get into the app?

Update: I signed out of the web site portal and reset the password and now I can’t get into either one. The app tells me it can’t connect to the server and the site tells me I don’t have an internet connection. Super frustrating.

Done all that… deleted the app, reinstalled the app, enabled WD extensions in Finder, had to modify security settings in recovery enviroment. Then enabled kernel extensions… rebooted a couple of times…

still with the coloured circle moving on the WD icon… and waiting. been waiting for 4 months, can wait a bit more.

(irony mode off)


Im happy to say that… IT’S ALIVEEEEEEEEEE

it’s working.


thank you all

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i don’t see any new release of the software. What is it working exxactly?

The software won’t tell you, so reinstall WD Discovery as explained above.

Hey pal how did you get past the 50% install? done everything but to no avail

Perfect, now it works good, I ca see inside the WD MyCloud.
But now I have a questione…Into the “MyCloud” there are already previous files, like photos, old backups etc.
how can I set it as HD for TimeMachine?

the question is that I want maintain all the data inside the HD, and add the TimeMachine backup, without initializing it. is it possible?
I used MyCloud to store pc’s files, and also phone backup, now I’d like to add TM backup.