WD Discovery hogging RAM Memory

Why is WD Discovery (32 bit) hogging so much memory on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit machine. I have 8
GB RAM installed and WD Discovery is dragging my computer to a halt. I see it now. WD Discovery has teamed with Microsoft OneDrive (32 bit), putting an end to my available memory. I have always hated OneDrive, but it is necessary to share files on my 3 Windows 10 Pro computers. I have used WD Drives since I built my first computer in 2000, but this has to stop. If I disable Discovery then it will just start back up again on reboot and I need it to backup my files to my Passport… or do I? Maybe I should just do manual backups? MS Office only gives me a 1TB cloud with purchase but maybe that is enough. I just like having my files both at home and on the cloud. Maybe I need different backup software. I heard that WD backup software wasn’t that great, but I wanted WD anyway and purchased the Passport. Maybe a bad choice. Going to manual override for backups unless anyone has a fix. I just got on to the WD Community but from what I am seeing there is not a lot of WD peeps offering support or answers. Sitting here with WD drives in my laptop and two desktops… SSD, internal, and external. I didn’t want to go out like this! lol


You can contact WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:

Ok, I take back the “I am seeing there is not a lot of WD peeps offering support or answers.” I submitted a support case, but the application was asking for way too much hardware information. The hardware is fantastic, the backup software is… uuuhhhh… fart. Let’s see if WD can solve the problem before I can. Still love WD Drives.