WD Discovery does not find the disk anymore

Thank you in advance for your help.

I installed my WD My Book World Edition II (2TB in RAID 1, model WD20000H2NC) very easily. Everything OK during months.

Suddently, my WD Discovery tool does not find the disk. However, I can access to the disk through the Microsoft Network (it is mounted).

I have installed the latest version of the tool, but the problem is still there. I have no access to the configuration options and other functions of the tool.

Any idea ?


Sometimes the WD Discovery tool doesn’t detect a drive, but it’s just a tool to help you get everything set up.  As long as your computer can still access the drive you’ll be okay.

In order to configure the drive, you’ll just take the drive name that you see in Network Places and put it into your Web browser.  For example, if your drive is called “mybookworld”,  you’ll type in http://mybookworld/

It doesn’t really help isn’t it, I have the same problem but by Microsoft network no longer opens the drive. So I can’t find a way of accessing the drive.

In that case, you’re probably looking at a network problem.  To set up the drive, you can plug it directly into your computer via Ethernet and the WD Discovery tool or http://mybookworld/ should work.  And if that works, but you can’t access the drive when it’s plugged back into your router then you know you have a network problem.

And while I can’t help with network problems, you’ll know which direction to go in.  But if the drive isn’t working even while directly connected to your computer, it might be the drive itself.  If you’ve never gotten the drive to work at that point, you should exchange it at your place of purchase.