Wd discovery crashes

Whenever I try to open “wd discovery” it crashes stating, “wd discovery application has stopped working”. Have tried reinstalling multiple times without avail. Any ideas guys? At wits end.

screenshot:  http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/855/crasht.jpg/



Why do you want to use it?

Before when I used it, it automatically made the new drive letter I, so I could send movies to my WD TV. How else does one get the media to the media box?

You can find the drive connected to your player in your network places and if you are using windows map the drive to a letter. You can also connect to drive via your network places. I have never had your crash but on the other hand I have never found the program to work probably.

Here is my problem. I have already had this all set up at one point. Then I moved to a new residence. Upon moving, when loading Windows Explorer, the drive was missing, but all the files (movies, images, music) are still present on my WD player. How do I get this drive back on my computer so I can again transfer movies and such to my WD player?

What version of windows are you running?

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Windows 7 Home Premium

for Windows 7 use WD Link or manually map

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how does one manually map?