WD Discovery cannot discover my WD TV

So I’m wired up through an ethernet cable, the WD TV shows up in my Network Drives on My Computer, and on my WD TV I can access my network storage files and media center files.

However WD Discovery can’t discover my WD TV so I can map drives to it.

I think it might be an issue with my router and the firewall therein. I’m trying to forward the ports for it, but I can’t find anywhere online that tells me what ports WD Discovery uses.

The reason that I’m not satisfied with just being able to access my network storage and media center is because not all of my files are being picked up. I have a boat load of .mkv files that I can play in VLC, however my WD TV doesn’t even recognize that they’re there when they’re accessing them through the network storage or media center. It’s very strange.

If someone could tell me the information necessary to forward the ports for WD Discovery or some alternate means of accessing my other mkv files I would greatly appreciate it.


Instead of using WD Discovery try with WDlink.