WD Discovery Annoying Popup // EDITED


Can you add “Open-minimized on startup” option to WD Discovery please so that the annoying popup
window does not open up all the *very nice word * time I turn on my PC?

It’s super annoying and i was really hoping for more than half a year (since I have my MyCloudHome device) that you would implement this.

Thank you!

EDIT: Another option that came to my mind, “Place device icon on desktop.” = Options: Always/When connected/Never - That one icon which appears on my desktop always moves all of my icons. Meaning it’s also quite annoying.


Hi charliex3,

Thank you for the feedback.

I second this! Would love to not even have the app icon show up in my dock on macOS. Just simply have the app open and the icon in my menu bar be active. No pop-up windows etc.

Bomp. Why does it take so long to implement something so simple?
I mentioned the idea about a month ago and I still do not see any progress on this case inside the app, except for “Thank you for the feedback.” in this thread, give us some update @Brandon.P please.

Why does it take so long for such a thing to be implemented? The same horrible behavior on Mac OS and on Windows. This is obnoxious and if you do not fix this this will be the last WD device I buy - you can be sure.