WD Discovery alternatives? Or Western Digital alternatives

The news that WD is discontinuing its Discovery software in just a few months, s u c k s, to put it bluntly.

Now I know there will be folks out there who will claim that it’s no big deal that you can always mount the drive when you’re on your local network or access all your files in a we browser.

But the ability to access your files on a My Cloud NAS drive when you’re not on your own network via a mounted drive on your notebook–because, you know, that’s not at all an uncommon use case–is really, really, really useful.

So the question is, is there software out there that performs the same function as WD Discovery that can be used with a My Cloud NAS?

Or should we be taking our money elsewhere? (Because I was about to pull the string on an upgrade to my 4TB single drive My Cloud with a bare EX Ultra and 2 14TB drives that I found a good deal on: a 14TB RAID mirror for <$600 total.) And if so, suggestions? I mean, do other companies that sell personal/SMB NAS drives also offer software with WD Discovery functionality?

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Hi @twritersf,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Do you expect that opening a support case will result in reversing the company’s decision to stop supporting WD Discovery? Or will they be able to tell me of imminent replacement software with at least the same functionality?

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I’m done with WD, for cloud hard drives, this is such bs, it is a CLOUD, why can’t I use it as a CLOUD on file explorer, One Drive can, the only difference is this is MY HDD not on a server somewhere, does anyone know of another good Cloud HDD I could buy as I am not giving WD no more of my money, and I spent thousands in the passed.

First they took away the option to family share, now they take away the option to copy and past files to the hard drive in Windows, why would they do that? Makes no sense, this was my last straw, I hope WD hire ups know I will no be buying or recommending these hard drives no more, and I own a computer repair shop, so I will be telling my customers to stay away from western digital from now on

Does Synology allow us to family share and mount it to file explorer on different networks like WD used to?

I hate when people are snarky when I just asked a question

Sometimes the user experience is more informative than any Google search, also sometimes people are in a rush because they had to leave to their shop or work in a few minutes so didn’t have time to search and read a big blurb to find something that someone could of just said yes it could or no it can’t

Yeah but you have to read a book half the time, and like I said I was in a rush, lol

All I needed was yes or no and if yes I would search when I had the time, otherwise I would waste time searching for a possible no, like I said I was in a rush this morning so just asked, I am a busy guy

If I had to search for everything on Google or Bing or whatever search engine I want to use, I would not have time for the important stuff.

Well I’m done listening to someone who couldn’t say yes or no.


You didn’t have to respond, so you wasted your own time, however there are people including me that want to help people out, who’s entitled now?

No one said anything about you being obligated, I asked a question and you acted childish, even deleting your last post that I quoted so people can still see how childish you are acting, have a good day, I hope you grow up soon, and wish you the best :smiley:

It is also worth checking if the NAS device manufacturer offers any proprietary software that allows remote access to the drive. Some popular NAS manufacturers include Synology, QNAP, and Buffalo.


If you are looking specially for software alternatives to WD discovery then you can explore generic file managemnet and backup software options such as FreeFileSync, GoodSync, EaseUs To Backup or Macrium reflect. These Tools offers feature like data synchronization, backup and recovery and file management across various storage devices.

Have you opened a Support Case, If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting.