WD Discovery 3.7.214 - HUGE ISSUES

I am having huge issues with my storage after the update to WD Discovery 3.7.214 on machines running macOS Catalina 10.15.4.


  • It has changed the permissions for my desktop, meaning I have to type my password in whenever I do anything like move a file or change its name.
  • Made the connection completely erratic and unpredictable. The drive frequently doesn’t mount. This is not a case of it being offline as it will mount on one computer and not another.

Has anyone else had these issues? What a terrible ‘upgrade’.

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WD Discovery 3.7.214 did indeed do weird things to my desktop permissions. I have managed to get around this by editing them myself but would love to know why/how this happened in the first place.

To make matters worse - terrifyingly - the update has also changed the name of my Macintosh HD. Credit to @AustinForest who took this screenshot, but I have the exact same issue.


@wdsal any suggestions on how to safe my computer? :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

Hello @talin3,

Did they get back to you?

They notice me that they were trying to duplicate my issue. See below.

Feel free to give them my case number: 200411-000107.

I have asked whether I should reformat my MacBook Air but I haven’t heard of them yet.

This issue has been escalated to our engineering team for further review and possible duplication. If the issue can be duplicated and root cause determined, any fix would likely come in the form of a firmware or software update. Western Digital does not provide a firmware or software release schedule for features or fixes. Please monitor our community forum for firmware release announcements.

Hi @AustinForest - no, no contact from WD at all, which is really disappointing. The My Cloud Home is now essentially a very expensive paperweight, and who knows what damage the update has done to the computer. I think we all expect better from WD, sadly they are living up to their reputation for deplorable service.

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Hi @talin3,

Did you open a support case?
Well they are still investigating. They proposed to rename myself the data APFS partition… saying that it riskless… I will wait until further notice and that the issue is solved.

HI @AustinForest - yes, I have submitted a support case but have not yet heard back.

I have now uninstalled WD Discovery from my system, but disturbingly even though I have manually renamed my partition, and done a fresh re-install of Catalina through recovery mode, when I restarted my computer this morning the partition had gone back to the name of the MCH.

Unfortunately, I am in lockdown in a different country to where my MCH is based. So this error is having a huge effect on my work flow. As soon as I am back home I plan to extract the drives and sell the MCH on eBay. WD products are simply to unreliable to trust these days.

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Sorry to hear that.
From the recovery partition, did you do a clean install (format hard drive) or just a reinstall?

Just a reinstall. I was hoping to avoid a complete clean install. But still nothing from WD support and the same persistent issue.

@AustinForest have you had any luck? WD hasn’t responded to any of my requests. Almost a month of being a very expensive paperweight.

Not really. They took my logs. I did the clean install on my own initiative.

It happened again! Silently. Just noticed! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I clean installed my computer less than a month ago! I have been running 3.8.229. Shame Western digital! @wdsal @SBrown @WDStaff

Yeah mine is completely unusable - it has corrupted my computer and I can’t mount the MCH.

The product is 6 months old and has been unusable for 3. I have asked for a full refund from WD and suggest that we consider grouping together for a class action if they fail to take the problem seriously.

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