WD Digital Black WD5000LPLX Internal Drive Failures

In an enterprise setting we are seeing a large failure rate, and intermittent beeping drives.Out of 220 Dell Optiplex 7440’s we are seeing a failure or beeping rate of 50. Is anyone else seeing this issue? We see there is a firmware update however it has yet to been successful in correcting this.

There are no firmware updates available at the time of this post. Based on the large volume of units then perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

We are experiencing similar problems with the same model drive. We have 248 Optiplex AIO 3030’s with the problem drive installed and have had 9 fail with a sort of beeping sound, but not really a beep, more like a mechanical squeak or something. Is that what you experience? The odd thing to me is that there are no hard drive failures when I run a full disk scan. I suspect there are no bad sectors, so maybe it is a bad motor on the drive? Jim, did you ever call WD support?


Sorry to raise up a dead thread, but I stumbled across this thread while searching for an answer to why I’ve got a couple of beeping WD drives in a few dozen Optiplex 7040s. I’ve posted a couple of videos of the behaviour in my thread. Is this what you folks were seeing (hearing)?

Were you ever able to resolve the issue?


We have had 22 hard drive replacements since last August for our Optiplex 3030s and yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. We were never able to come up with a reason for the failures, we just got dell to replace them every time. They are reluctant because the drives pass diagnostics, but there is clearly an issue. I think it is a motor problem, but never heard from WD about the final outcome. Hope this helps and I hope you don’t get too many more! Our failures have slowed down a bit now that we have had the computers for awhile.

Thanks Tamara. I have forwarded this thread to Dell Support in the hope that they can get to the bottom of this, as there’s clearly an issue with these drives.

I’ll post back in this thread if I get any further info about the issue,


If anyone is still puzzled by this issue, it seems to have been fixed by a firmware update available on the Dell support site. The firmware that came installed on the numerous WD3200LPLX drives in our Dell Latitude E6440 laptops is version 02.01A02. There have been at least two software updates placed on the Dell support site. I installed version 04.01A04 and no longer have the beeping issue.