WD deleting my accounts

3 Days ago WD started to delete my accounts (emails only) when I openened WD Photos.

That means I can’t reach my cloud from outside the network in any way (only FTP). When I try to put back the email I get this error: http://i.imgur.com/muaiAB9.png

When I change the email to a different email, I can use it until I open WD Photos on android again, WD deletes it and blocks this email too.

Read about this issue here in another subtopic, and checked the warranty, it says OUT OF LIMITED WARRANTY.

This is funny, because I bought it from WD store 1,5 months ago~.

With the original email address on wd2go:

 My WD Devices

No devices available.

I didn’t get ANY mail about this, and I have no idea why is this product already out of warranty? Of course support didn’t answer in the last 3 days. So I would really appreciate any help, because I want to use WD My Cloud on Christmas.

Try to call them instead of waiting for someone to notice you are making posts here. If you wrote to them over the weekend then that’s why you haven’t got a response yet.