WD DC HGST 310 - Not detected - Neither SATA connectors nor Molex worked

I bought a 6tb WD DC HGST 310 which is not detected by the BIOS and the creates a chriping sound when the system boots.

If I make any changes in the BIOS, I hear two consecutive chirping sound and the disk becomes visible in disk management on Windows 10 but with the next restart they are again not visible. When I try to initialize the disk via Disk Management or DISKPART, it gives a input output error (Screenshot attached)

I tried multiple SATA and molex cables but that also did not work. The same cables work fine for WD Black 1tb HDD. I have a Corsair RM850 PSU and I believe that should be enough to power a single disk.

Unlike the power disable mentioned for HGST drive, I can hear and also feel the disk vibration from which I infer that the disk is rotating.

I regret my decision to bug this disk because drive installation and usage should not be such a hassle.