WD Dashboard Buggy

I am pretty sure the WD Dashboard software is buggy. It is reporting new drive (WD Blue 3D NAND SATA 1 TB Internal SSD,WDS100t2b0a) in poor health due to “number of spare sectors has reached the minimum threshold”. Seems to be a common problem when Googled.

Literally every other SSD monitoring software that I have tried reports the drive in good health, including smartmontools and Crystal Info. Indeed, the Dashboard’s own SMART tests show good health. Weird.

1 tb drive with 360 gig free.

What’s also interesting is that I rolled back to the previous version of WD Dashboard and it read “normal” for the same indicator. So given that independent monitoring tools and WDD previous version are all good (as well as the current versions SMART indicators), I think WDD is buggy for the current version.