WD Customer Service Abandoned?

I have recently returned a nearly new WD Blue SSD, which had failed completely after a few weeks of operation. It got replaced under warranty, but I was sent a different, lower-grade product (Green SSD). I raised this with WD customer support, and the incident was closed without any response. Updated the request, asked for response, escalated it — no reaction, the case was simply closed without response or action. Then I had a friendly online chat with a customer support agent who confirmed that I had been sent the wrong replacement and assured me that this would promptly be taken care of. Their support incident was also closed without response or action. This has now been going on for weeks, and I would really like to restore my PC to full functionality.

I bought the SSD directly from WD in order to have decent support in case something breaks, but that has clearly not worked out. Has WD customer service been abandoned altogether? Is there any other way of getting support from WD in the UK and other than online support, which I tried so far?

Update: The whole issue was eventually resolved to my satisfaction — after about three months. It took a lot of patience, follow-up emails and case escalation, but we got there eventually. It did not help that at some point WD decided to offer me a Sandisk replacement SSD. I was perfectly happy to accept that offer, but my case was then transferred from the WD to the Sandisk customer service, and the latter were apparently not given all information. So, when my to-be-replaced WD disk arrived at the Sandisk centre, they did not understand why. And rather than querying this with the customer, me, they took no action at all. I had to prompt them again, explain things all over and get the case escalated to the next tier of customer support, who then acted promptly.

purtroppo sono incappato pure io nella stessa situazione da agosto aspetto la restituzione di un ardisk ,ma con tutte le chat onlaine e giornalmente email non sono riuscito ad risolvere un tubo.sono da denuncia

I’m going on 11 weeks without a replacement for a WD Red Plus which failed after just a few months. I can’t get a straight answer from CS, although actually connecting with WD customer service usually takes a day or two with multiple attempts.
So all this time, my NAS is short one HDD. I finally gave up and ordered all brand new Seagate drives (since Synology seems to opine that changing one drive’s make requires replacing any RAID HDD be identical manufacture). The new drives are supposed to arrive Monday. I guess the WD Red Plus will go in the trash, since I would feel guilty selling these on ebay, plus I’d still be one short. And once I get the new drives installed and formatted, I intend to find every online site I can find and trash WD for both quality and customer service. BTW, in case anyone doesn’t know, if your brand new WD HDD fails, you have to pay the shipping to send it back, and your replacement won’t be a new drive…it will be a “reconditioned” supposedly of equal quality. Per the OP in this thread, WD’s concept of “equal quality” is a moving target.