WD Customer Service Abandoned?

I have recently returned a nearly new WD Blue SSD, which had failed completely after a few weeks of operation. It got replaced under warranty, but I was sent a different, lower-grade product (Green SSD). I raised this with WD customer support, and the incident was closed without any response. Updated the request, asked for response, escalated it — no reaction, the case was simply closed without response or action. Then I had a friendly online chat with a customer support agent who confirmed that I had been sent the wrong replacement and assured me that this would promptly be taken care of. Their support incident was also closed without response or action. This has now been going on for weeks, and I would really like to restore my PC to full functionality.

I bought the SSD directly from WD in order to have decent support in case something breaks, but that has clearly not worked out. Has WD customer service been abandoned altogether? Is there any other way of getting support from WD in the UK and other than online support, which I tried so far?