WD CPU Excessive CPU usage.....50 to 90% running WindowsXP Pro Maybe a Solution

My computer was becoming unuseable, plus I thought the hard drive would burn out. 

The Fan Motor could be heard all over the house.

My Solution.

To Fix the WDDMService   CPU Hog
do the following:

To turn  WDDMService    OFF                

GO TO control panel

Click on administrative tools
when it opens 
Click on services

List of processes running will come up

Scroll down to  WDDMservice 
(there will be 3 WD listings

Right click  WDDMService   
Select Properties
On general Tab make two changes

CHANGE startup type  to   manual (drop down box)
CHANGE service status to  STOP



ALL  three will show Western Digital in the properties info
C:\Program Files\ Western Digital\WD SmartWare \WDD…

You should now be able to hear yourself think.

To use the back up service you will have to turn it on, I do not

plan on turning it back on.  I had it set to run slow when computer was idle

but it never did!     It ran full speed all the time.

I mostly use my Passport to store files on. 
I may attempt to create a folder on my passport drive
and use windows back up and manually do a back up when I want one

Good Luck.

P.S.still using my computer and can’t even hear it!
and it is working FAST!

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Hi cararta, did you tried installing the latest Smartware version?