WD Context Menu Handler

Senior citizen needs help
I am running Windows 10 home on a 64 bit HP desktop. I have had very few problems with Windows 10 or HP however lately when I go on-line, I get an error about the WD Context Menu Handler. not available
Everything is very slow except downloads which are normal - we have ComcastXfinity network - I use Google for links and Bing for searches (I hate Edge). Also when trying to move downloads to either my OS (my documents) or my external drive, I can move one or two and then it locks. I have no problems with the external drive and can work there without locking - but I download a lot of genealogy and graphic files and I am really frustrated.

It sounds like something might be wrong with the SmartWare installation. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall it using the latest version on our downloads page?


I would do that but I can’t find it! It must be buried deep!


Diane S

This is for an older version, but the steps should be similar or the same.


Thank you - I have un-installed and will reboot since I already have the
smartware download… Hope this is the answer! I got the message when I
tried to uninstall and again on the Internet!

MANY thanks!

Diane S Sanfilippo