WD Cloud with Latest Firmware Update

Having been somewhat harsh in my review of the latest firmware, i thought i would provide a few updates and positive comments.

Environment - 2 x WD Cloud


PC 8.1

PC 8.0 pro



Ideal customer - Retired professional or stay-at-home user - they will have plenty of time to sit next to the drive and hit the system reset button. Having a book to read in between the 15 minutes restore cycle is helpful.

Great Upside - Your data will be complete safe from external threats. after all, a drive that constantly loses its connection cannot possibly be vulnerable.

I had previously suggested using the drives as a set of bookends. However, they just don’t go with the decor.

… I give up …


Have you tried contacting WD Support to discuss your case. I’m confident that the support team will the best to assist you properly.

WD Contact info:

I appreciate the referral to support. That said, i have spent far too much time reading all of the posts and noting all of the solutions offered in response. There is a common theme to them … reset … update to latest firmware … rinse and repeat …

the problem is that these are not solutions that haven’t been tried (i’m sure) by everyone pounding their heads against walls.

The connections are dropped. i have no such problems with any other device on my LAN. i’ve been running my network for about 7 years with no problems … except for these 2 devices. My shadow back-up system is now trashed because i cannot consistently keep the drives running during a single cycle. the drives will appear on one machine but then be inaccessible on another.

At this point, i will probably just throw them away. Their price does not justify spending much more time. Sadly, i cannot get back the dozens of hours that i spent wrestling with the devices, all in the believe that some magical switch would suddenly cure the firmware upgrade disaster.