WD Cloud will not stay connected

Hi I my device will show up only after I unplug it and only for a few minutes.  Then it’s inaccesible.  It shows up as a storage drive but not a network drive.  And I can’t go through the dashboard or it’s ip address.  The WD utility sees it but with most of the options greyed out.  Any suggestions before I return it? 

Hi DesiTrue, welcome to the Community. Try pressing the reset button on the back of the My Cloud for 4 seconds. If the problem continues try setting a static IP manually. Check page 80 of the manual for more information. 


you can try those suggetions and hope your problem is fixed but mostly likely it wont.

That exact same is happening to me and to MANY others. Do a search for “loses connection”, “network” etc and you will tales of people trying to figure out why this is happening and no one has a clue.

WD chooses to simply ignore these problems.

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