WD Cloud Slow speed


I have a new WD Cloud Home 4TB

Everything is okay, but it’s super slow, when I copy a file from my laptop (wifi N) to the WD, for example 1 gb file size, I get a 5 - 8 mb/s speed

Connection scheme: Laptop (<- Wifi N ->) ARRIS TG2492LG-NA Router <-Ethernet Cable provided by WD -> WD Cloud Home

At the WD Cloud Home setting, I get a “Connection Type: Local”
The 2 WD Ethernet’s LED are Green (1 Gbps? Right?)

Why this speed ? I don’t think is the WiFi fault… From my laptop (wifi), I get Internet Connection speed from my ISP (by speedtest.com) of 65 Mbps (steady)

Please, help!
Thank you…

Are you transferring data from the laptop to the My Cloud Home User Private Space mounted by WD Discovery or the Windows Samba MyCloud-XXXX/Public share? If you get the same speeds to Public and Private User space, then the issue is not related to the differences in storage areas. IE: Samba and Call Back File System

Im transferring from Drive Z: , which I think is from WD Discovery… I don’t know nothing about Windows Samba…

Same problem

I have the same issue. I get speeds up to 65 mb/s when I copy to the public folder but only around 10 mb/s when I copy to the Z drive (WD Discovery). I’m using Windows 10.

How can I get the same speed as the public folder?

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Same issue for me. Sometimes randomly speed become normal ~100MB/s, but usually it is near 17MB/s. $Public folder is fine, full speed avaliable. WD, fix it please!