WD Cloud Home shut down - is it harmful to unplug and then plug power back in again?

Is it harmful to unplug and then plug in the power to the device and will it be damaged in any way?

The reason I ask is because I lost power in my apartment today for a little, and when it came back I didnt have connection to the device. I then unplugged the power and plugged it back in again after a few seconds. Then I got access again and now it seems to be normal. But I am afraid this has damaged it in some way.

PS: I posted by accident in another subforum. I hope it’s ok. I post here in this subforum for cloud home so it’s correct.

Yes, it can cause issues to abruptly power down a NAS.

In most cases, it’ll just be file system issues or corruption (but not physical damage to the hardware itself).

Many times, any file system issues will be corrected at startup, but if it can’t, then it can render the NAS useless.

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