WD Cloud Android App External Sd Not Uploading

I setup my new 3tb cloud last night and sync’d up my old phones that had no external memory. That process worked no issues. Setup new phones with all photos and video on external sd and not a single file went to the cloud. If I change to internal memory for photos it uploads instantly but that defeats the purpose. How do i get the app to pull from external SD as default?

If i cant figure it out Amazon gets this cloud back.

Hello there,

On this case it has to do more with he Smartphone than the application since the operating system on the phone permits the files to be copied on the smartphone or not, the application as far as i know does not have an option to select the external SD as a default location.

Hope this helps.

Doesnt really as it wont pull from the default set which is the SD. This really makes another service appealing. Ill wait till tuesday, then I have to give up.

Thank you though for the response. Just need this to work as seamless as the other “cloud” based app that Ive used for the past 5 years. I ran out of space that why I went hardware over cloud this time.