WD chrome theme / frontend with revised version

A very simple black leather and chrome frontend for firmware 2.07.17


Version one. icons inflate on selection. Download  http://www.mediafire.com/?rjckrc2dz7urt86


version 2. icons change to white on selection. Download  http://www.mediafire.com/?2cl62b2so166aut


looks quite smart. good stuff


Have to say that this is probably my favourite out of all your recent MAN Menus.

I still feel that the Icons still need to be larger, however I could easily edit this to suit my own preferences though.

@ architectonic

At t he moment im liking the look, colour of this one too…can i ask you what size screen your viewing these on ?. i have borrowed the hub for the weekend… ive tried 3 of the menus ive created and they seem ok on a 42, and 50 inch. tried on my mates 32 inch last night and again they seem fine. 

im also trying to find / make navigation buttons which self explain what they are without the need for text along side them, do you find that a problem ? or is it the icons are just to small ? 

thanks for your input… much appreciated :smiley: . all of the menus have been thrown together in less than an hour. so looking at picking the one i like best and fine tuning it, and using it as a start for a full theme.

I have revised this chrome front end for those that are having probs with navigation due to small graphics. 


download  http://www.mediafire.com/?xmilkzdkvzygwwa