WD changes dates of photos when saved or backed up to mycloud device

I back up all my mobile phone photos (iphone 7) to my device and still find that the system seems to delete or remove most of the EXIF data from the photos - meaning that all the photos now have a date of when it was backed up rather than of when it photo was actually taken. I found old thread but that was from 2014/15…how can this still be an issue! I do not want my original files changed in any way when I back them up. I really do not like the fact that back up folders cannot sort by date the photo was taken. I don’t believe that in 2021 WD still have this as an issue…surely I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


If you are looking at the “File and Folders” view, the sorting is on “Modified Date” or mTime.
If you are looking at the “Photo View”, we use GPS, EXIF data. If the GPS and EXIF data cannot be read or doesn’t exists, we default to cTime.

Download a file from MyCloud.com that was backed up using the mobile app and check the EXIF data using https://onlineexifviewer.com/

Now send the same file from your phone to yourself via email and do the same check using https://onlineexifviewer.com/

Both files should show the same EXIF data.
NOTE: HEIC files are not supported by this tool