WD Caviar Green constantly makes reading/writing noise


I got a problem with a WD Caviar Green WD15EADS 1.5TB hard drive, it constantly makes kind of like a reading/writing noise when idle. The hard drive is also empty right now and is a secondary drive I will just use for storage. The drive seem to work fine tho, and the HDD monitoring program I have called Hard Disk Sentinel says the drive seem to work fine. I also disabled intellipark or what it’s called, with the WDIDLE3 software, and it did not seem to make any difference. The drive even makes this like reading/writing noise when I just plug power into it from an external power supply also, with not even a sata cable attached. So I have no idea why it’s acting like this cus it seems fine, it’s just annoying it constantly makes this noise for some reason. I also got two other similar WD Caviar Green drives that’s 1TB and 500GB, and they do not sound like this all the time. Hope someone here can help and may know the answer.


Do you have any idea how old the WD15EADS is? That disk is over 20 years old.

Go get Crystal Disk Reports and see how many power on hours you have on the disk.

I have one of these, but it was not in use for a long time so it is still in perfect condition.

It’s from September 2009 so yeah I know it’s kinda old, but not THAT old, just find it kinda odd it’s making this reading/writing sound when it reports okay, unless I’m missing something? Here is the report from the Crystal Disk program.

And here is what it says in Hard Disk Sentinel also.