WD Caviar Blue SATA II reading as SCSI

I want to enable Write DMA but it just keeps coming up as SCSI in my device management

Also, my data transfer rate maxes out a 104 Mb/s

Hi device manager list all sata drives as SCSI that is normal. Your sata controller and the hard drive has to support dma modes. The same goes for write cache. So we would need to know what motherboard you have.

oh jeeze, ASUS m2n61 - AX

Hi well not much help that board is a oem board is your PC a Dell Inspiron 531 desktop computer. If it is go to Dell and download the newest Sata drivers they have and install them. Also check for a bios update.

Could you show us a HD Tune read benchmark graph? That will show us whether your drive is performing at its maximum level.

HDTune_Benchmark_WDC_WD5000AAKX-001CA.pngvery erratic

The access time graph looks good (no scatter), but the performance graph has numerous dips. These may correspond to bad sectors, or it could be due to interference from background tasks in Windows. If you imagine a smooth line for the read transfer rate curve, then the minimum and maximum data rates would be around 60MB/s and 120MB/s, respectively.

The burst rate of 133MB/s seems consistent with UDMA 6 mode.

Here are some HD Tune results I found with a Google search:


Your drive doesn’t appear to be too far short of the mark.

oh sheesh, RAID is gone.