WD Caviar Black Sata issue

I have two WD caviar black 1tb sata III drives in a RAID 0 setup. One show up as a sata 3g drive, and the other shows up as a sata 6g drive. Is this normal in RAID? Is there anything I can do? I have tried three sets of sata 3 cables, tried every port on my mobo, and still no luck.

Plus, the 3g drive keeps kicking itself off of the RAID array and disappearing. This causes my system to crash. I have tried the lifeboad application. Both drives pass S.M.A.R.T., quick test, and the extended test with no errors or issues. Any ideas on this? Anything I can or need to do?

Thanks for the help!!

I had this happen.  you need to contact wd and get their utility to activate the 6gb capability.  otherwise, you’ll continue to have issues.  one is running at 6gb and the other at 3gb.