WD Caviar Black keeps disappearing

WD Caviar Black 1TB Drive <SATA 32mb cache> [Deleted]

Windows 7 x64

I am running windows 7 on 2 75g raptor drives in raid 0. I added the caviar black later. I bought the drive about a year ago and have had this problem the whole time. I took the original drive for return and recieved a new one, exact same problem. Oh, the problem. I install the drive and it works fine for 3 days. Then it just quits, no longer shows up under windows etc. Some times it stops the computer from starting, hanging it at the windows emblem . Some times windows load and the drive can’t be found. Today, I was playing a game located on the drive and it just quit. Drive was no longer accessible. Checked MY Comp and it was’t there, disappeared again. Seems this happens after three days every time. 

Any help would be appreciated. [Deleted]

Ok you need to do several things.

1- Check if the Bios is seeing your computer.

2- Install the drive into another computer.

3- is the black edition under the Raid settings?

At first it was set up in raid0+1. But this problem accured and a took the drive in to be replaced. The current one isnt in raid set up. It doesnt show up in bios either. It only shows up for windows . Everything is current with updates. I don’t have another computer to test it on, but will look to friends and see