WD Caviar Black is a loud drive

I bought a WD Caviar Black and I find the drive is loud compared to other drives from Samsung and Hitachi. I can hear it seek when it is working hard, but some other drives I have owned I do not hear anything from. Anybody else feel this drive is louder than other drives on the market (WD Green, WD Blue, and Samsung)?

Well I can say I do Agree with you on the Noise from these drives. I own 5 of them From Day one The drives make constant noise . My drives are in my Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz 8Core 4gigs of ram. I Ran All the Tests to see if the drives were faulty with no negitive results. However My first 1tb black drive makes a clunking Noise so I am SETTING UP RMA with WD as i type tihis. this  drive did fail the integrity test read and write so its getting replaced.  The other 4 1tb black drives are mostly quite, when idle at  least they are for now. I don’'t know if its just a quirk. WD recomends to zero out the drives prior to installing an OS I don’t know if this helps that issue at all but I am  processing that now on 2 of the drives. we will see what happens. 

I have used the drive for a few weeks now.

It sure does make a nice rumble when it seeks. I have a aluminum case and the drive is mounted right at the front so I guess I notice it more.

 I have it soft mounted, but the reviews seem to be consistent with the noise level.

You hear it when it first spins up and then when it is seeking hard.

Anybody else have feedback on this?

Noisy? strange, mine are pretty quiet even when very busy, mine is the 50000AAKS version or so.

I have this drive as well, and it’s not exactly a “noisy” drive. The sound you hear is from your case resonating from the vibration of the drive, get a high quality case or a good hard drive silencer and you won’t hear it.

I am experiencing the same thing.  Just bought the caviar black 2 weeks ago. Very loud on seeks.  I’ve read conflicting reports; some say its quiet, others say it’s noisy.  I am uneasy about this since I feel like I’ve heard this sound before on older disks.  The best way to describe it is this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBhR91KEAHM  Check 38 seconds in.  My caviar black sounds just like this.  Doesn’t sound good in my opinion but maybe I’m wrong?  Is this normal for caviar blacks?

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