Wd caviar black elements 2tb external trials and tribulations

i have 2 wd caviar black elements 2tb external drives (model: WDC WD2001FASS-00W2B0) and 1 has gone crazy. i powered up my pc (acer 1g hd 4g ram windows 7 home premium) and both drives show up but one tells me i have to format drive enable to use it.  there is a lot of data i want on this drive so i have not done that.  here is what i have done…

the drive still shows up with an external icon. it spins up and does not click.

i right click and go to properties, its shows that it is working and that it is full. free 0 bytes, used 0 bytes and capacity 0 bytes. this is not accurate.

error checking, defrag and back up does not work.  error says ‘windows can not access disk’.  attempt to share gets a ‘cyclic redundancy’ error.

i  went to disk management and the disk shows up i both windows as healthy (active, primary partition). i changed the drive letter. still cannot access.

i downloaded data lifeguard tools which finds the drive and it is marked as fail. it detects the drive, diagnostics for quick and extended shows ‘status code=04 (unknown failed test element), failure checkpoint =96 (unknown test) smart self-test did not complete on disk 2’. test results are all fail.

bought jfilerecovery deluxe and recovery error is 'please ensure the source file(s) are specified and the destination is a valid, writable directory.  that’s all i can get from jads.

last but not least, i took it out of the housing and hooked it up to an ultra usb2.0 to ide/sata cable adaptor. it shows up in my computer but, it won’t let me in. the light is blinking on the adaptor but no response.

is there anything else i can do or is all hope lost?  thanks in advance…

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with  your unit.

As a recommendation, look for a data recovery software to see if you can get some of the information out of the drive.

just to make sure, do you have a WD Element that you took out of the enclosure or is a WD Black that you are using on a external enclosure?